Schedule of the New Critical Complete Edition

already published:

1989/2012 Das Lied von der Erde
Piano version
Universal Edition Vienna
1993/2008 Des Knaben Wunderhorn:
15 Songs for Voice and Piano
Universal Edition Vienna
1998/2010 Des Knaben Wunderhorn:
14 Songs for Voice and Orchestra
Universal Edition Vienna
1997/2011 Das Klagende Lied
Original version in 3 movements
Universal Edition Vienna
2010 Symphony No. 6 Peters, Leipzig
2010 Symphony No. 2 (2 volumes) Universal Edition Vienna
Kaplan Foundation New York
2012 Symphony No. 7 Boosey & Hawkes
Bote & Bock Berlin

forthcoming volumes:

Spring 2019 Titan (early version of Symphony Nr. 1 in five movements)
Spring 2019 Symphony No. 4
late 2019 Symphony No. 1 (in four movements)
Spring 2020 Das Lied von der Erde

further volumes in preparation